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The Blade’s Shadow / Ishtar’s Legacy Book 4

The Blade’s Shadow / Ishtar’s Legacy Book 4

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A young queen and a freed slave will make their destiny together.
(Blade’s Destiny Part 2)

When a queen rejected a thousand years of tradition and freed a slave and elevated him to a position of great power, it was only the beginning of their strange destiny. As Crown Princess Asharru and her sacred Blade, Tirigan, seek to eradicate the corruption at the heart of the Gryphon Court, they are met with resistance from many noble Houses.

But the greatest danger still lurkers in the shadows, for some traitors aren’t as dead as Queen and Blade might hope.

Asharru and Tirigan are too determined to allow their enemies to force them to stop.

While there is no guarantee they’ll survive to rule together, one thing is certain—they’ll love each other in this life or the next.

Author’s note: While the other books in the series can be read as standalones, Blade’s Destiny & The Blade’s Shadow are a continuing story and must be read in order.


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