Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


When is the next Gargoyle & Sorceress series coming out?

Hunting Shadows is coming out late September, 2023.


When is Soul Mage 2 (Huntress vs Huntsman) coming out?

Soul Mage 2 is coming out late September as well.


What formats can I buy on your shop?

All items on the shop are currently ebooks only, available as MOBI (for Kindles and its apps), and EPUB (for all other eReaders and the other store apps, such as Nook, Kobo, Google Play and Apple Books). In the future I’m hoping to get some audiobooks out. 


I can’t find the book I bought. Help?

Once you check out, you’ll received two emails. The first from my shop (the order confirmation) and a second from Bookfunnel, the company I use to fulfill the ebook orders. That second email will have a special link for your book. If for whatever reason the Bookfunnel email doesn’t arrive in your inbox, just reply to my first email (the order confirmation one) and I’ll have a looksee to find out what’s up. (This almost never happens in my experience, but even Bookfunnel might go offline to do maintenance etc.)



There are no refunds on digital products. Of course, if there’s a problem with the file, such as some kind of glitch occurred when you went to download it from the special link, I will most certainly send you another new link for the book. Or if you accidentally buy the same book more than once, I'll let you pick another of my books for free.


How do I get the book on my device?

It’s a little different for each device, but even I’ve been successful and I’m not a tech-person. But if you do run into trouble, the email you’ll get from Bookfunnel with the download link for your book comes with a link to their helpdesk. Bookfunnel customer service knows just about everything about all the different devices and the various formats. They’ll be getting you reading in no time. In other words, please contact them if you’re having problems getting the book file onto your device because they know far, far more about such things than I do. I’m a cavewoman in comparison.