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Sorceress Enraged / A Gargoyle & Sorceress Tale Book 5

Sorceress Enraged / A Gargoyle & Sorceress Tale Book 5

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While Lillian and Gregory have their hands full trying to track down Commander Gryton and preparing for an imminent invasion, Corporal Anna Mackenzie has her own set of problems. And surprisingly, it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that she’s been converted into a gargoyle by a well-meaning cub.

No. Her new gargoyle nature is something she’ll come to grips with…eventually. Having that same gargoyle cub abducted by an evil demigoddess? That’s another story altogether.

Anna has never failed to accomplish something once she’s put her mind to it, and her mind is now firmly set on seeing the young gargoyle freed at any cost. And if the evil demigoddess gets in her way…the Lady of Battles will be in for the fight of her immortal life.


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