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Legacy of the Sorceress / A Gargoyle & Sorceress Tale Book 6

Legacy of the Sorceress / A Gargoyle & Sorceress Tale Book 6

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A roll of the dice and Fate thrusts Corporal Anna Mackenzie into a new situation.

With her soul hanging in the balance, the young gargoyle, Shadowlight, makes a deal with the Lord of the Underworld to save Anna’s life.

The demigod saves her, then sends the pair to Haven, a city outside time, where they will heal.

The price? Thirteen years. The length of time Anna will need to embrace the healing stone sleep of gargoyles.

When she wakes, an adult gargoyle is waiting for her. He goes by the name Obsidian, but she’d once known him by another—Shadowlight. Obsidian might be a stranger, but she’d promised Shadowlight she’d never leave him.

Now his older self wants her to honor that promise and stay, training alongside him to become one of Lord Death’s military leaders. To honor the memory of a gargoyle cub she’d once loved like a little brother, Anna agrees to join the Lord of the Underworld’s cause.

Is she working for the good guys? Or has she traded in one Overlord for another? Either way she’s staying. Her promises don’t come with an expiration date and the more she gets to know Obsidian, the more she sees Shadowlight in him.

There’s no way she’s abandoning the kid a second time.


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