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Dragon Archer / Huntress vs Huntsman Book 3

Dragon Archer / Huntress vs Huntsman Book 3

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When a fierce huntress adept with a longbow meets a fire-breathing dragon, enough sparks fly to start an inferno.

Warrior-Priestess Rhavana of High Rock owes her freedom to Seira of Blackstone and Crown Prince Toryn of the centaurs, so when duty requires them to journey into the homeland of the dragons in order to discover how deep the soul-mage conspiracy runs, Rhavana joins them.

Trouble meets them at the border in the form of a big red dragon calling himself Kolaith.

He demands one of the warrior-priestesses stay behind and aid him in tracking and reclaiming his sister’s soul from the soul-mages. Otherwise, he’ll chase them all out of dragon territory before they can carry out their mission.

Rhavana suggests a centaur for their superb tracking skills, but Kolaith won’t be swayed. He wants a warrior-priestess.
Sensing how stubborn the dragon is and knowing they don’t have time to do a lengthy political dance with a dragon, Rhavana volunteers to stay behind and help track the soul-mages even though she knows the dragon is omitting something.
It isn’t until the rest of the party moves deeper into dragon territory, leaving Rhavana with the dragon, that she discovers what else Kolaith didn’t say.

It’s not just his sister’s soul he wants to save—it’s her clutch of soon-to-hatch eggs. The big red dragon is determined to reclaim the eggs and raise them himself. But the dragonets will need a mother’s magic and love, and Kolaith has decided Rhavana will make a perfect mate for him and mother to the little ones.

Rhavana likes her newly restored freedom too much to simply capitulate and become a mate or a mother at the snap of some big scaly lizard’s fingers. That he shapeshifts into a man won’t influence her resolve at all. Not at all. And once they’ve hunted down and destroyed the soul-mages, rescued the clutch of eggs, and freed the soul of Kolaith’s sister, Rhavana plans to return to her own land.

But unbeknownst to Rhavana, Kolaith is in love, and a dragon in love is a very dangerous thing.


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