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The Epic Fantasy Romance with Spice Bundle

The Epic Fantasy Romance with Spice Bundle

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He’s a beautiful, silver-tongued prince with an unmatched kill count. Desired and feared by all. No one is safe from his charm or his retribution.

She’s big, bloodthirsty, undefeated, and an absolute alpha.

Never should they meet, but they do…


When her greatest enemy returns to find others beating the ever-love-shit out of her...

 Exhausted, her body bruised and battered, her battle magic depleted, Verdria watched as death came for her.

She forced her eyes to remain open, unwilling to cower away from anything, not even the inky swirls leaping through the air toward her.

But the spells never reached her. They should have. She had no defenses left.

She focused beyond the suspended spells to gaze upon one of the soul mages. The man stood slack-jawed, the light dying in his eyes.


He was dead, and his body hadn’t quite realized it yet.

A moment later, his knees folded, his body collapsing to the ground with a heavy thud she felt in the marrow of her bones.

Several other soul mages hit the ground. An invisible wave was rolling outward from her position, ravaging the startled men before they knew what had hit them.

She was still processing this sudden change of events when the commander she’d insultingly called ‘Pretty One’ strode into the room, his deadly magic whipping around him, not unlike a fan of scorpion tails hunting out and stabbing the last of her attackers.

He stood over her and held out his hand...

If you like slow burn Fantasy Romance with Spice, don't miss this great bundle.

Main Tropes in this bundle:

  • Morally Grey & Villain Hero
  • Warrior-women
  • Touch her and die
  • Touch him and die
  • Friends-to-lovers
  • Enemies-to-lovers
  • Royalty
  • Sexy Shifters
  • Fated Mates
  • Vows of celibacy (that get broken)
  • Slow-burn romance
  • Court Intrigue
  • Sumerian Mythology
  • Sinfully sexy gryphon kings.


This Bundle Contains:


  • Ishtar's Blade
  • Blade's Honor
  • Blade's Destiny
  • The Blade's Shadow
  • First Queen of the Gryphons
  • Master of the Hunt
  • Night Huntress
  • Dragon Archer 
  • Soul Mage



Synopsis for Soul Mage

A stoic warrior-maiden and a villainous priest-king make the most unlikely alliance in the history of the five kingdoms.

When a rescue attempt to save a clutch of dragon eggs from the soul mages goes terribly wrong, Warrior-Priestess Verdria of High Rock finds herself on the wrong side of a portal, deep in enemy territory.

She soon learns she’s in the heart of the soul mage’s empire and when Honryn, the future priest-king of the mages, takes a liking to Verdria and saves her life, she’s pretty sure she’s facing down a ‘fate worse than death’ scenario.

Just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, Priest-King Honryn introduces her to the Royal Court of the Soul Mages, the most morally corrupt and bloodthirsty court in existence.

Life is cheap.

Souls are currency.

And Verdria has caught the fancy of the young priest-king, and while he doesn’t want to steal her soul, he’s set on winning her heart.

And she’s equally set on having his heart, after she’s carved it out of his chest.

But when she discovers Honryn’s most monstrous secret, a secret he’s even hiding from his fellow soul mages, she’s moved to pity and offers to aid him.

First Chapter

Meet Honryn, the villain-hero from Soul Mage

“May you trip and bite off your cocks,” Honryn muttered as he gazed up into the jeweled eyes of the winged serpent god. Light from the burning cauldron at the base of the statue reflected in the large, faceted jewels, giving the eyes an almost lifelike sparkle. Blessedly, that was just an illusion. The serpent god did not inhabit the mortal domain. Not yet anyway. Never, if Honryn had a say in his future.

Staring into the snake’s face with its open mouth and its arm-length fangs was always preferable to being at eye level with the statue’s large, double phallus. And looking up into its face helped him resist the temptation to snap off the statue’s pair of engorged members and shove them into its gaping maw.

Not that he could ever indulge in such juvenile behavior, no matter how much he might wish. More than his own life was at risk.

Which was why he was always careful and kept his words soft enough the other priests and priestesses sharing the great temple’s inner sanctum wouldn’t hear him over the drone of their own chanting. With another glower at the statue of the winged serpent god, its stone wings—not to mention other body parts—on full, rampant display, Honryn schooled his scowl into something more benign and continued with his ‘prayer’ chant.

“May your venom sacs rupture and your fangs rot from your head.” As he whispered the words, he reached down and cut another of the iridescent blue scales from his wrist and tossed his God’s blessing into the fire like so much trash.

Of course, he made certain the other clerics in the sanctum with him thought he was making a blood sacrifice in honor of their great Serpent God during these sessions each morning.

He flashed his own teeth at the statue and tossed two more scales into the flames of the cauldron. As the blessed scales burned to ash, he continued the next part of his daily chant, taking great pleasure at desecrating the most holy of temples within the entire empire.

With a savage grin aimed up at the statue, he continued. “I give you back your blessings. I deny you my magic. I deny you my body. And I most certainly deny you my soul. You can take those scales and shove them right up your ass for all I care.”

Having repeated a similar chant for the last twelve years of his life, since the scales had first come in, Honryn had concluded long ago that if the god heard and was livid, the deity either lacked the power or the ability to punish his own future priest-king.

That suited Honryn just fine.

“One day I shall see your great temple crumble to dust, the most corrupt of your people perish, and your empire fail and vanish into the sands of time.” Honryn spat out the words with more vigor than was perhaps wise. “Let this empire suffer as its victims have and become another civilization lost and forgotten by history.”

The sound of pounding feet approaching interrupted Honryn’s next words. He used his right hand to cover the wrist of the left, as if to staunch the flow of blood, though there was very little. But it wouldn’t do to have anyone see the bounty of blue scales lining his wrists that he needed to rid himself of each day.

If anyone ever figured out that he possessed such a ‘great’ blessing and was carving them out of his flesh in the greatest of blasphemies, the ensuing carnage wouldn’t be pretty.

He faced the room calmly and readied himself for a potential attack. It wasn’t like his older brothers hadn’t tried to assassinate him a time or twenty before. Though assassins were never so loud.

The other clerics had fallen silent, their faces turned toward the back of the temple and the source of the approaching footsteps. His fellow priests and priestesses all radiated emotions ranging from disbelief to outrage.
Honryn only smiled coldly. Perhaps he’d get to kill a few more of his fellow soul mages this day. Death was always on the table as a punishment for anyone interrupting the holy morning rituals.

By the heavy tread of boots and the jangle of metal bits and buckles clanking together, a company of guards was about to breach the sanctity of the temple.

A first in Honryn’s experience.


It looked like today was going to be an interesting day.
How delightful.

Honryn sheathed his knife and retrieved his leather bracer from where he’d tucked it into his voluptuous black robes. He was still lacing up the bracer when a group of ten guards halted just outside the threshold of the temple’s inner sanctum.

Ah, so whatever brought them here wasn’t something they really wanted to die for. How very regrettable. Also, none of them were members of his own Elite personal guards. His guards were too intelligent to come barging into the temple. They would have sent a member of the priesthood to carry a message to him.

Not looking up at the newcomers, he continued to tie the laces. But he didn’t need to look upon them to learn more about each soldier. His magic expanded out and tasted all the souls in the room, their desires, fears, and intentions. It was the usual mix of duty and fear and awe at being in his presence.

Which didn’t tell him anything particularly useful.
As a precaution, he wrapped his unseen power around their souls, all the souls in the immediate area—both the soldiers and the clerics. If his father or uncle had discovered his secret and these guards were here to capture him—which was unlikely, they would have come in much greater numbers—he preferred to be prepared to deliver swift deaths so none within or without could warn the rest of the emperor’s elite royal guards.

While Honryn had made plans for every contingency, those plans would take time to instigate.

Dividing his consciousness, he sent half of it to hunt out the locations of his mother, twin sister, and the rest of his people while simultaneously directing a question at the now bowing guards.

“I assume you’re carrying some dire news?” he drawled.
“Though I cannot fathom what would be a compelling enough reason to warrant such an action as to disturb me during the morning rites. Tell me, what is so important that I might spare your lives for this disturbance in the heart of our Father’s most holy temple?”

Reading his mood, his fellow priests and priestesses summoned their own magic, readying to act on a moment’s notice should he order them to kill the guards for this very grave insult.

The guards’ leader, a tall, lithe man with the supple musculature of a sword master, bowed deeper before answering. “Your Holiness, forgive the intrusion, but the emperor has sent word that he requires your aid in a task of utmost urgency. He would have come himself, but he cannot return in time, so commanded me to carry the message.”

His curiosity piqued, Honryn wondered what his sire might need him to perform that was of great enough importance to send his guards into the temple. A sacred area that Honryn was well within his rights to defend with lethal force from any perceived slight to the Lord of Serpents.

The guard swallowed audibly, telling Honryn that the male knew his fate was being decided.

“The matter is time sensitive.”

“I assumed as much.” Honryn let a touch of ice grace his words.

“Of course, your Holiness.”

He hated that term, but Honryn pushed his irritation aside for another time. He’d already scared a few years off the guard’s life. That would have to do for now. And since Honryn did want to know what had brought the guards here, it was likely time to switch back to benevolent spiritual leader for a bit. “Come, tell me what you know of this errand while we walk.”

The guard heaved a sigh of relief so strong it was almost comical as he straightened, but he didn’t hesitate and immediately jumped into the subject that had brought him to the temple.

“The mages on the scout ship sent to the distant western continent have been reporting in regularly. They had successfully loaded the stolen dragon eggs some hours ago, but in their latest report, they said dragons have found the ship. They are attempting to outrun the beasts…”

Good luck to them, Honryn thought, and had to fight back a grin of amusement. He would shed no tears at the thought of that ship burning to ash. Unlike its two companion ships that had been lost to a storm, the remaining ship had none of his people onboard. He’d always thought it a great injustice that the two ships with actual good souls onboard had gone down and the surviving ship was the one stacked with his father’s loyal subjects.

Those two lost ships had taken with them Honryn’s plans for a peaceful future away from all this.

“The emperor requires your aid in building a portal strong enough to cross that distance and extract the dragon eggs and our men,” the guard continued, unaware of the direction of Honryn’s thoughts.

“I shall come at once and send for six of my most powerful brethren.”

It was advantageous that the weaving of great spells was forbidden in the temple. And that he’d said he’d come didn’t mean he’d hurry. After all, it would hardly be dignified for the Priest-King Elect of the Soul Mages to be seen running.

And should the dragons reclaim their stolen eggs in the meantime?

All the better.

As for the brethren he would call to aid him?

He would indeed call upon the most powerful mage-priests and mage-priestesses. Currently, those individuals were scattered across the island at the other temples overseeing morning rites. He wouldn’t mention to the guards that he was now fully capable of creating a portal over that distance by himself.

Honryn was careful not to let any of his thoughts show, merely smiling benignly and nodding for the company of guards to lead the way, his own entourage of temple clerics following close on his heels.

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